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Ranikot Fort, the great wall of Sindh, is undoubtedly the world’s largest fort. It is suited near Sann in the district Jamshoro of Sindh, Pakistan. With the circumference of 32 km, Ranikot Fort is often compared with the great wall of China. The Ranikot Fort is named after a rain torrent, Rani Nai, which is the main source of water supply in the area.

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Ranikot Fort Location

Ranikot, located on the Indus Highway, is conveniently accessible from the cities of Karachi and Hyderabad. UNESCO included the fort in the tentative list of world heritage sites in 1933.

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Who built Ranikot Fort

Who built this massive fort, and for what reason or purpose it was built are still unclear. In several Radiocarbon tests conducted on the collapsed pillars of the Ranikot Fort indicate they were, probably, built in the 18th century during the Kalhora rule in Sindh. Besides, one portion of this fort was built by Nawab Wali Mohammad Khan Leghari in 1819 A.D.

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Ranikot Fort major tourist attraction in Sindh

This historic fort is a major attraction for visitors from all over the country in recent times. Sindh cultural department hosted many events on this in 2019. In addition to this, the government of Sindh has started a major restoration and renovation work on the site to protect it from the deterioration.

Ranikot Fort distance from Karachi and Hyderabad

If we travel by road the RaniKot Fort distance from Karachi is 261 km and from Hyderabad is 122 km.