Nimerta Chandani Complete Profile: Life and Death

nimerta chandani pics and nimerta kumari
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Nimerta Chandani additionally referred as Nimrita Amarta Maher Chandani or Nimrita Kumari, a Sindhi Hindu young lady who belonged to the city of Mirpur Mathelo, Ghotaki, was last year student of BDS. She was identified lifeless in her room at Bibi Asifa Dental College on 16 September 2019. There have been mixed opinions about her sudden death. Local police officers are not sure whether she had committed suicide or had been killed. Her family denies the version of suicide and claims that she was brutally murdered.

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Dr Nimerta Chandani Autopsy Report

The recent autopsy report revealed that Nimerta Chandani was murdered after rape. This autopsy also confirmed that Nimerta was asphyxiated to death by strangulation with a rope. This was verified based on the existence of male DNA on her and clothes. Swab evaluation also showed signs of sexual attack.

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Dr Nimerta Chandani Death: Suicide or Murder

Despite the fact that the choke mark by cable or rope police insist that Nimerta attempted suicide but his brother doctor Vishal rejected police claims and showed that her sister was probably murdered. The vice-chancellor of the university, Prof Dr Aneela Atta Ur Rahman, told the press that when they reached the crime scene Nimerta’s room was locked. She added that the particular cause of death is yet to be determined. SSP Larkana, Masood Bangash, had sealed her room for further investigation and is exploring the episode. It’s guessed by some that Chandani could happen to be a victim of murder from fellow students. An analysis is looking at the medical paper that Chandani increased voice to get and opposed. Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered a judicial investigation into the murder of Chandani. Based on initial police reports, Chandani wanted to wed class-mate Mehran Abro. However, the parents of both Abro denied this directed Chandani in to melancholy. Later Sindh police arrested two of Chandani friends Mehran Abro and also Ali Shan Memon following a recent autopsy report revealing evidence of strangulation and DNA proof rape.


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