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Nagarparkar, a taluka of Tharparker, is a famous tourist spot in the province of Sindh in Pakistan. Temples of Nagarparker are holy sites of Hindu and Jain religion. It is situated at a distance of 129 km from Mithi.

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The name of the city is derived from the original word “Nangar Parker.”, Parker means to cross over. Nagar is located at the base of the Karoonjhar Hills. This city is situated 23 km from the border of India.

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The Karoonjhar Mountain surround Nagarparkar city for sixteen miles. The granite stone of the mountain is utilized for creating tiles. There’s a maxim that the Karoonjhar Mountain offer 1-1/4 kilos of gold daily a day within the variety of red granite stone, china clay, and honey. In summer, totally different sounds are heard from the rock, thanks to sulphur deposits. Nagarparkar has Taluka Mithi on its west, and on its North is Taluka Chachro of Tharparkar District, whereas on the south of it lies Rann Kachch and on its east is Barmer (Rajasthan). The encompassing space could be a rocky belt referred to as Parkar, and also the remaining half could be a sandy space.

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The desert and sandy area of the Nagarparker taluka becomes lush green after the heavy rainfalls in the Moonsoon Season. It, therefore, attracts a large number of visitors every year. According to the estimates in the months of July and August, 2019, more than 0.4 million people visited the area.

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The number of inhabitants (population) in the taluka is 153,106, out of which 62,213 are Muslims, and 90,893 are Hindus. Recently a rest is built, Rooplo Kolhi guest house, near the Karoonjhar Hills for tourists.

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Bhuodesar Mosque


Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud Shah of Gujrat constructed the famous Bhodhesar Masque in 1505 AD. Its structure shows Jain architectural style.


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Nagarparkar temples

There are two famous Jain and Hindu temples in the Nagarparker taluka.

  1. Jain temples
  2. Durga Mata temple
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