Makhdoom Bilawal a Real Patriot Of Sindh

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Makhdoom Bilawal is a well-known Sufi Saint, philosopher and poet in Sindh province of Pakistan. He was born in the house of Jam Hassan Samo in 1451. Makhdoom Bilawal belonged to the Samma tribe and was the part of the ruling family of Thatta. After a defeat in the battle of Talti, he was crushed alive in a seed grinder.


He was great Sufi and saint of Sindh, having great wisdom and wisdom. He lived at Talti. Makhdoom Bilawal had a Madarsa (Centre of teachings) at Baghban, in which he had been teaching religious expertise, Sufism and patriotism among his students and followers. Due to intellect, wisdom and consciousness, he became famous at Sindh and India. He had a large circle of his pupils. Makhdoom Bilawal was not just a Sufi or Saint, but he was also nationalist and patriotic struggler of Sindh, who struggled against occupiers belonging to foreign nations. There are not any historically evidences that there was a disciplinary motion of Makhdoom Bilawal by his name. Still, his followers and their moves and instigations against invaders were the emblems of his motion. He and his followers, always, supported the local rulers and created hindrances against the Foreign invasions. It is a proof that he was a great sindhi patriotic of his era. He, therefore, is respected throughout the Sindh and very famous among the Sindhi nationalists. The truth was the main principle of the life and motion

He obtained his early education in Thatta and acquired further education in Talti under the tutelage of both Makhdoom Muhammad Umar. He was married in Talal and made Talal his permanent residence. He was an accomplished scholar of Hadith and interpreter of the Holy Quran. As his fame spread far and wide within this capacity, individuals from distant places came to him to benefit from his learning. He also maintained a very high position as a mystic. He belonged to your Kibrvia branch of Suhrawardiyya order of Sufi.

Bilali Movement

Makhdoom Bilawal started a movement known as Bilali Movement to fight against the foreign invaders. As a result of this movement, his followers successfully ousted Shah Baig. This movement, eventually, comes to an end with the martyrdom of Makhdoom Bilawal.

Makhdoom Bilawal’s Followers

There are six famous devotees (followers) of Makhdoom Bilawal in Sindh who preached Islam and spread his message throughout the area. Names of his six followers are as under.

  1. Makhdoom Hassan
  2. Shah Hyder Sannai
  3. Makhdoom Rukunuddin
  4. Makhdoom Sahar (Muhammad Salih Lanjar)
  5. Makhdoom Sa’ad alias Sand
  6. Makhdoom Hingoro

Makhdoom Bilawal’s Shrine

He was died in 1523 and buried in the Bhagban. The shrine or tomb of Makhdoom Bilawal is suited in the village of Bhagban near Dadu Moro Pull. A beautiful mosque is built beside his tomb by Sardar Mahboob Khan Waghan (Cheif Sardar of Waghan Tribe in Sindh).


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