Asghar Khoso Multi Talented Sindhi Super Star

Sindhi Comedian Asghar Khoso
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Asghar Khoso is a well-known, multitalented comedian from the Sindh of Pakistan. Khoso is famous for the fantastic style of humor in which he mixes Urdu and Sindhi languages. Ghulam Asghar Khoso is very popular on social media sites like Facebook and Youtube.

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Everybody in this world has points and aspirations of life, a few people carry on with their life for themselves, and some commit their life for others’ joy. Living for claim self is a simple while, a life for others is progressively meaningful just as troublesome. Ghulam Asghar Khoso is an individual with troublesome yet important life

Asghar Khoso was in Johi tehsil of district Dadu in a middle-class family. His father passed on in 1995, and after this tragic incident, he left his education and moved to Karachi.

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In an interview, Ghulam Asghar Khoso described Moin Akhtar as his role model. He worked in different stage dramas in his early career. Besides, stage dramas, he also worked in Sindhi media but later on part his ways saying that Sindhi tv channels are defaming Sindhi art and culture.

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  1. Mere Rashke Pe Charh
  2. Jeay Munji Maa Sindhri
  3. Lagdee Karachi di aa
  5. Pakistan loadsheding
  6. Ho Jamalo
  7. Machar
  8. Mela Naseeban Jaa
  9. Sohna Pakistan
  10. Suhna manhoo pyara Manhoo
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Today on social media, Asghar Khoso is one of the most viewed Sindhi comedians. He is currently running a channel on YouTube with more than 500000 subscribers and over 104 million total views. On his Facebook Page, there are more than a million likes.


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